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We specialize in advanced software designs, including big data, Kubernetes, and automation. With deep expertise, we provide effective solutions for our clients. Contact us and let's realize your ambitions together.

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Design & Architecture

We combine creativity and technology for optimal solutions in Design and Architecture. We create user-friendly applications and ensure efficient database management. Together with you, we design and implement solution concepts, regardless of project size.

  • Angular/React
  • PostgreSQL

Mobile Apps

Your partner in Mobile Applications, providing services from design to implementation. We help you create innovative mobile applications for various devices, utilizing modern technologies, including .NET MAUI, ensuring they meet user expectations.



We offer comprehensive support for implementing Kubernetes clusters and process automation. With our Kubernetes expertise, we ensure efficient and scalable solutions for managing applications and infrastructure. Our automation services optimize processes, leading to accelerated development and improved overall performance.

  • Kubernetes
  • Automation


We assist you in designing infrastructure for optimal support of your applications. We specialize in high availability and distributed systems, ensuring efficient and fully customized infrastructure. With our approach, you gain a solid foundation for reliable operation and performance maximization.

  • High Availability
  • Distributed Systems

Energy Data Fast and Secure

Solution design, deployment, integration coordination

We deployed a system for remote collection of energy data with monitoring support and successfully integrated this technology with other energy systems. Our key technological elements include RKE2, PostgreSql, and Converge 4, implemented with a focus on speed, security, and reliability.

Technologies: RKE2, PostgreSql, Converge 4
Client: Transelectrica, RO
Date: 2023

System for Delivery Company

Design, implementation, operation

We are creating a system for planning and managing goods delivery. This implementation provides the company with an efficient tool for optimizing and monitoring distribution processes. We are pleased to contribute to the operational efficiency of the client in the field of goods delivery.

Technologies: ASP.NET, PostgreSql
Platform: Kubernetes
Client: delivrium s.r.o., CZ
Date: 2023 (ongoing)

Internal System Front-end

Design, development

We design an internal web application and handle the implementation of its front-end part. Our work involved creating a user-friendly interface that fully meets the needs of internal processes.

Technologies: Angular
Client: Komeční Banka a.s., CZ
Date: 2021 (ongoing)

Energy Data on Mobile

Design, implementation, deployment

We handle the complete process from design to implementation for the development of a mobile application for working with energy data. Our specialists focused on efficient design and implementation of an application that allows easy handling of electricity meters on mobile phones with Android and iOS operating systems. The goal was to provide a user-friendly and functional tool for manipulating energy data on mobile devices.

Technologies: .NET MAUI
Platform: Android, iOS
Client: EG.D, a.s., Pražská energetika, a.s., and others

Dalibor Janckulík

“Dalibor, akin to a masterful dwarf craftsman, began in the cavernous halls of customer service management, shaping experiences as deftly as a dwarf shapes metal. He then navigated through the labyrinthine tunnels of software and solution delivery at Landis+Gyr, with the precision and skill of a dwarven artisan.
Embracing the spirit of adventure, Dalibor set forth to forge new paths, founding dDash s.r.o. and steering CTBF Partners a.s., much like a dwarf exploring uncharted territories. His latest quest, the Cybros Foundation, is akin to seeking rare and powerful runes, delving into open core software for the energy market.”

Ladislav Čapka

“A Master in the art of Jedi technology, who has emerged as a fearless visionary in the realm of research, development, and architecture. He has perfected key projects, ranging from refining the Converge head-end system to pioneering the automation of CI/CD pipelines in the galaxy. His masterful expertise and passion for innovation are illuminated by an unwavering commitment to pushing the boundaries of technological prowess in the world of the Jedi.”